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Artist, geek & teacher

Hi! I’m a Senior Technical Artist by day, writer and Simcity 4 Mayor by night. Right now I’m living the dream, working as an indie dev in Tokyo, Japan. I’m the go to woman for everything Unreal 4 related, animation pipeline, weird and strange rigs (multiple arms or sausages physics anyone?).

Up until last fall I was teaching at The Game Assembly – the (2nd) best game dev school in the whole world according to The Rookies (Autodesk) 2017. I loved to inspire my students and see them grow: give feedback and art direct portfolios, fix a broken sprint planning and teach them how to make fun and compelling games.

Prior to teaching I worked as a Technical Artist at Tarsier Studios on the game Little Nightmares (published by Bandai Namco). Responsibilities included art and animation production pipeline, character rigging, real time IK solvers and environmental visual effects.

2012 I co-founded Ludum Entertainment, a game small studio with focus on 3D games for iOS and Android. The game Nom Nom In Appleland reached #11 on “Best Selling New Apps” in Sweden, summer 2012.

I’m very passionate about diversity in games and the tech industry. I engaged in the schools ambition for a more diverse mix of students. By speaking and attending relevant events I hope to inspire young women to start making their own games.

I love the weird and strange, unicorns, and have unhealthy obsessions with cats. I’ve had several crochet and cross stitch accidents (dangerous game), and spend most of my free time either writing or dreaming of writing.

Want to say hi?

Interested in contacting me? You do that easiest by email: hi (at) ellasvahn (dot) com or through LinkedIn.

Right now I’m not actively looking for any new gigs, but if you have something along the lines of a three headed unicorn or a middle aged woman’s revenge story (preferably in monochrome), then I might reconsider!

Talks & Interviews