About Ella Svahn

Since August 2014 I am working as a Technical Artist at Tarsier Studios, in Malmö Sweden. My work evolves around character rigging, environmental visual effects and pipeline setup.

I studied Game Art and Technical Art at The Game Assembly, Malmö Sweden – a cross disiplinary education with focus on AAA game development. During my two years we created 8 games, where 4 of those were in 3D using our own game engine. My focus as a tech art student was rigging, shaders and scripting.

I co-founded a small mobile game company, which were active 2011-2012, and our first game Nom Nom In Appleland reached #11 on Google Play’s “Best Selling New Apps” in Sweden.

I’m very passionate about diversity in games and in the game industry and want to inspire young women to join and startup new tech companies.

Interviews and articles:

Sydsvenskan: “Hjärtat slår för att unga tjejer ska vilja göra spel”
Sydsvenskan: “My heart beats for young girls to want to make games”
Interview with  Swedish local paper, Sydsvenskan, September 14 2015. About my intentions with making games and wanting more young women to join me.

SR P3: Trots trakasserier väljer fler tjejer att bli spelutvecklare
Swedish Radio: “Despite harassment more girls choose to become game developers”
Interview with Swedish Radio, September 11 2014. About the increasing percentage of women in the Swedish game industry, according to results from Swedish Game Developer Index 2014.

Sydsvenskan: Deras första mobilspel placerar sig på säljtoppen
Sydsvenskan: “Thier first mobil game ranks in the top sales chart”
Article in Swedish local paper, Sydsvenskan, August 9  2012. About my first startup Ludum Entertainment and the launch of our smart phone game Nom Nom In Appleland.

You can contact me at info@ellasvahn.com or LinkedIn. Link till CV.