Biped Auto Rig Script


Reanimated Rigging – Biped Auto Rig Script

A project made during my time as a technical artist student at The Game Assembly, August 2013 to June 2014. The script hasn’t been updated since then.

Download the script!

Reanimated Rigging Tool was created as a student project at The Game Assembly, to quickly create all joint based, biped character rigs supported by Maya and our own game engine, Keeper Engine. The script is written in Python and was customised to fit perfectly with our animation and export pipeline.

During our year I created all game rigs used. The Reanimted Rigging Tool where therefore mainly used by myself as a tool to speed up the process. The animation work where split between multiply people. The script is divided into two parts:

Biped Auto Rig:
This is by far the biggest and most complex part of the script. The user can here create a temporary skeleton and easily position the joints in the right position. The temporary skeleton offers “aim joints” which decide where the Y axis should point in sensitive areas like hands, fingers and knees. With this, the script does not limit the user to only rig characters in typical A- and T-poses. The temporary skeleton can be oriented, scaled and translated as one wants.

When all the joints have their correct positions (which usually takes 10-20 minutes) the user can create their ready to export rig within seconds. The different components the user is able to choose (like legs, arms, spine) are optimized for our custom game enigen.

Create FK Controls:
As we did our RTS game it became obvious that besides creating biped rigs, we needed lots of simple FK setups for weapons and accessories. Because of this I created a new part of the script which do auto FK controls.