Eye Shader


Real Time Eye Shader

A project made during my time as a technical artist student at The Game Assembly, August 2013 to June 2014.

Featured on the Shader FX blog!  :D

Download Information
The eye shader are now available for download as a CGFX shader! I have also created a project with the mesh, rig and the SFX shader for the people who wants to explore Maya LT.

CGFX Shader (+textures)
SFX Shader (+textures)
Project with full scene (Maya LT) and example scene (Maya), CGFX and SFX files (+textures)

About the Shader
I created this eye shader as part of my Technical Specialization course, as a technical artist student at The Game Assembly, 2014. My goal was to learn about real time shaders and explore node based shader networks. I decided to use Autodesks’ (at the time new) Shader FX, which was featured in Maya LT 2014.

The eye shader was iterated many times. In the final product, showed in the video, I only use one opaque shader on a sphere mesh to simulate the eye. This removed problems with alpha sorting.

Pupil and Iris
I wanted to simulate the refraction which happens behind the cornea (the lens on top of the iris and pupil).  Using Shader FX already existing refraction node, which project on top of the mesh, I let the joint which controls the eyeball also control the world normal of the refraction.  The refraction node affects the iris and pupil’s albedo and normal map.

Sclera and Cornea
To simulate the gloss, reflection and albedo of the cornea and sclera, I use a simple ramp to mask out the colors and where the sclera and cornea meats. I used a normal map for the sclera to simulate watery eyes.

All the other shaders used, like the skin shader and eye lashes, are al created by myself using shader FX.