Facial Rig


Joint Based Facial Rig

A project made during my time as a technical artist student at The Game Assembly, August 2013 to June 2014.

This was my first complex facial rig. It is an all joint based to support most game engines.

Created in Maya 2014. The bind joints are connected to different curves, which drives the joints translation and in some cases rotation. These curves are in turn driven by blendshapes, which are driven by expressions connected to the animation controls.

The setup is very simple and quick to set up. I also found working with blendshapes controlling the joints position was very intuitive.

Normal map/wrinkle blending shader
Besides creating a facial rig I did also create a costume skin shader which blends between different normal maps, to simulate wrinkles. The shader, created in Mental Mill, is a fairly standard shader with support for specular, gloss, albedo, normal map, AO and blended normals. With a couple of mask textures I mask out the different areas I want to influenced by the new, more extreme normal map. The shader was exported as a cgfx shader to Autodesk Maya 2014.

Models and textures property of Paradox Interactive AB and produced by Fatshark AB.

Normal maps for the wrinkles created by Linda Fyen.